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Our Vision & Our Values

This is what we hold sacred.


Our Vision

Our vision is to reconnect our customers with the intelligence of nature and the power of presence in our day.

We intend to create an environment and offerings which invite our customers to stop and be where they are, if only for a moment in their day, as they nurture their body and mind. 


Our Values

We have created our values based on the following principles we believe in, in the way we move through the world, and in the business we create.


Civic Responsibility: We value our community, and take full ownership and responsibility for seeing that their needs are met through the products and services that we offer. We vow to create and offer only the things that intersect between our passion and our community's needs. We have remained in intentional awareness as we created every aspect of our juice bar, to serve the needs of our community. 


Communal Effort & Participation: It is important to us that the space and business that we create for our community feels welcoming. Some of our favorite coffee shops and juice bars have always given us the feeling of “home”, and have become daily rituals for us to stop by. We have learned to walk into those spaces with a feeling of ownership, to take care of them with love, because they serve us as spaces of comfort. This is our intention for our juice bar. One of the ways that we create this environment is through community offerings, such as small workshops in the actual space which are offered by people in our community, and are there to teach our patrons about super-food ingredients, and other topics on health and wellness. These are small 5-10 person experiences which are offered to cultivate a sense participation in our community and their wellbeing. 

Environmental Responsibility: It is important to us to keep the integrity of our love for nature though our carbon footprint. We vow to consistently introduce innovative ways to keep our carbon footprint down by sourcing from local farms and suppliers. When we created a nature-inspired oasis-like space that our patrons walk into, we envisioned every detail, down to our biodegradable straws, upholding the values of the space that we create. And as we grow, we intend to continually do better. In addition,  we intend for all of our vegetable and fruit bi-products to be donated to compost.


Radical Inclusion: In our quest to be of service to our community and global tourists at the highest level, we intend to continue to create an environment that feels extremely inviting to all demographics. Our most important value, and our greatest intention is to create a space where all are welcome. In our shop, patrons can take a minute of their day to feel more connected to themselves, to nature, and to the City of Beverly Hills by walking into an environment that is extremely welcoming. We believe that there is always a way to create the feeling of luxury and  exclusivity, while still promoting inclusivity to all. We value human connection deeply, and understand that the products, services, and experiences that a single business offers can deeply impact the community as a whole. Our intention is to create a comforting and refreshing space that invites a moment of recharge and connection to everyone that passes by our little shop. 

Image by Shane Rounce

Our Concept

The Art of Juice and Water was created by designer Bita Rad. It is a concept juice bar, which means a lot of thought has gone into the full experience that our customers will have. Our shop is a 5-sensory experience which means that the space was designed to entice all 5 senses.


We are inspired by the way nature has the ability to "swallow whole" any man-made structure, given the time and favorable conditions. Nature can slowly create and it can effortlessly destroy, but when left alone, it is in perfect harmony with itself.

This is what inspired the concept of our entire business.

In our shop, moss lines the grey concrete walls, raw wood lines the counters, and birds chirp over the speakers. The scent of herbs and fruits fill the air, and taste of botanicals is ever present in our drinks. 


Each offering on our menu has been designed to experience in 3 distinct parts: the way it smells, the way it tastes, and the feeling it incites.  Each drink uses the best, most superbly intelligent ingredients that Earth has to offer. And each offering is designed to invite us into a moment of complete presence, as it demands our attention with its unique and delicious taste.

Art of Juice and Water Logo
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