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Fuel Your Body. Balance Your Mind.

Craft Juices, Smoothies, & Coffee

Juices, smoothies, elixirs, and infused waters, crafted
to create a multi-sensory journey of reconnection with nature. 

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Choose Your Wellness Path


Hydrating Fresh Squeezed Juices

Our juices support the body in hydration, immunity, wellness, and gut support. 


Soft & Creamy

With layered recipes and delicious superfood combinations, we like to think our smoothies are overachievers. 


The Power of
Wellness Water

Botanical and herbal infused alkaline waters harness the power of nature to support your wellness and keep you hydrated. 


Potently Delightful Elixirs

A little goes a long way with our delightfully robust superfood infused potion bottles. 

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Coffee & Tea

Sourced globally (and roasted to perfection in Los Angeles), our aromatic coffee and tea selection stimulates and intoxicates the senses.

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Locally Sourced

All of our ingredients come from local farms, unless they are particularly exotic, in which case we have sourced them from the corners of the world!

Crafted Artistry

Our offerings are created with the same artistry as craft cocktails...

shaken and stirred, and garnished with herbal and botanical delights. 

Designed for the Senses

Each drink has been designed to experience in 3 distinct parts: the way it smells, the way it tastes, and the feeling it incites once it is consumed, to invite all of your senses into the experience.


Immunity the Way Nature Intended.

Combining exotic ingredients, we designed drinks that harness the power of superfoods from all over the world into your cup. We believe that health and wellness start from the inside out, and our drinks are designed to support your body.

Give the gift of wellness.

You asked, we answered!
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